Product overview: Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) nanoparticles

What is special about Flew Silica nanomaterials?

Flew Silicon Dioxide (Silica) is designed using specific formulation that produce different morphologies and surface properties (hydrophobic and hydrophilic) to fit into various applications and market demands. Our product range of amorphous silica nanomaterials (< 1 μm) include non-porous, mesoporous, core- shell, multi-compartment and dendritic structure with highly ordered mesoporosity, high surface area, pore volume and adsorption capacity.



What kind of application can Flew Silica fit into?

Silica in its amorphous form (non-crystalline) is a stable material with a very high melting point (1710 ͦC) that doesn’t react with any organic solvent nor any acid except hydrogen fluoride and highly concentrated alkaline solutions. Conventionally, silica has a significant importance for a wide range of industrial purposes especially in ceramic, glass and cement as well as food, pharmaceutical, varnishes, glue and paint industries. Recent advances in biotechnology and medical science has put silica into the frontline for their research and clinical trial for bio-sensing/diagnostic, drug and gene delivery.


How the nanoparticle form of Flew Silica can offer benefit in the real applications?

Compared to larger particles in micron or millimetre size, the Flew silica products can offer some benefits in biomedical and biotechnology fields, especially to meet the size limit requirements of any foreign materials to access human vascular system. It can revolutionize pharmaceutical industry in generating advanced drug delivery and diagnosis system to target specific site of tumours/virus while preventing direct contact with healthy tissues and cells.

What are our vision in further developing Silica nanomaterials for future applications?

In addition to the application of silica nanomaterials in biotechnology area, we also keen on to take further step in developing new technique to create smart coating system for corrosion protection. Combination of silica nanoparticles and titanium dioxide nanoparticles may generate a promising technology for extending service life of sustainable infrastructure.



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