Product overview: Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles

What is special about Flew Titanium Dioxide?

Flew Solution produces several types of Titanium dioxide (TiO2) including mesoporous nanoparticles, dendritic microparticles, TiO2 for cosmetics, food, and paint or general use. Flew TiO2 possess great versatility with various forms and sizes that can be used as microscale pigments or as nanoobjects in composite materials. The Flew mesoporous TiO2 nanoparticles has spherical morphology with interparticle mesoporosity, which is advantageous for energy and environmental related applications. Additionally, this anatase type of nanoparticles are beneficial for degrading organic pollutants through their photocatalytic activities. Whereas Flew dendritic TiO2 microparticles with rutile crystal structure and higher surface area are suitable for UV protection that can be incorporated into sun creams, paints, and dyes.



SEM image of dendritic TiO2 microparticles     SEM image of ​mesoporous TiO2 ​nano particles​


What kinds of application can Flew Titanium Dioxide fit into?

TiO2 has been widely used as pigment in various applications (due to its brightness and very high refractive index) especially for paints and coatings (including dyes, glazes and enamels), plastics, papers, inks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, foods and textiles. Currently, high performance and purities of TiO2 are finding a growing market in the cosmetics, toiletries and plastics sectors as UV protective agents. TiO2 also seeing a growing demand as photocatalysts to improve the efficiency of electrolytically splitting water into H2/O2 that produce electricity in nanoparticle form, which open more possibilities in electronic applications (LED, LCD, Plasma). Moreover, TiO2 has disinfecting properties that is suitable for some applications in medical devices, air conditioning filters, food preparation and sanitary ware surfaces.


Which benefits can Flew Titanium Dioxide offer for real applications?

The nano and micro size of Flew TiO2 offers excellent performance in improving the efficiency and providing new functionalities for paints especially through their photocatalytic effect and UV-protection features. Much higher surface area can be achieved by down-sizing TiO2 particles into nano-microscale that consequently provide more surface area for many potential applications in photocatalysis, electrochemistry, UV protection.


XRD ​graph of ​mesoporous TiO2 ​nano particles                    ​XRD graph of dendritic TiO2 microparticles


What are our visions in further developing Titanium Dioxide for future applications?

We aim to develop a new technique that creates high surface area TiO2 nano/micro particles with porosity and unique structure as paint/coating additives with self-cleaning and anti-bacterial features. Combination of TiO2 and SiO2 nanoparticles with specific properties can improve macro and micro- hardness, abrasion, scratch and weather resistance.










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