PVA Mould Release Agent: New Product

A release agent is a chemical solution that can prevent the bonding other materials to surfaces by providing the critical barrier between a mould surface and the substrate. This facilitates separation of cured part from the mould. There are several types of mould release agents such as reactive release agents, water-based release agents, barrier release agents etc. Critical criteria for each release agent to meet is surface adhesion and durability, ability to form a thin film, sufficient surface slip, chemical inertness to the moulding substrate and the process. Release agent can be sprayed, brushed or wiped on the surface.

Release agents are used in many industries such as food processing, paper, pharmaceuticals, plastics and rubber.


FLEW PVA Mould Release Agent

We developed our new Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) mould release agents. PVA is a film forming solution which creates a positive barrier between the mould and the product or component. PVA is soluble in water and therefore can be washed off with water even when dry.

Our most popular release agent contains 5% PVA dissolved in equal amounts of water and absolute ethanol (by weight). We also have 100% water based PVA release agents as for safe delivery and shipping purposes. Our products can be used full strength or diluted with ethanol or water.

We can also do product modification according to customer’s interest such as different strengths up to 10 wt% PVA, different viscosities or drying rates, different molecular weights of PVA, different solvent combinations etc.

Our products are high performance and cost-effective. We maintain our high-quality products by testing all products for their quality control parameters.


Popular product types:

  1. 5wt% PVA in water-ethanol solution: high strength and fast drying
  2. 5wt% PVA in water: high strength and slow drying
  3. 5wt% PVA in water-ethanol solution: low strength and fast drying
  4. 5wt% PVA in water: low strength and slow drying

PVA Mould Release agents


Properties of product type 1

Appearance Clear transparent liquid
Chemical formula (CH2CHOH)n
PVA Molecular weight ~100,000
pH 6.85-7.27
Specific gravity 0.81-0.93
Viscosity 210-237 mPas
Solubility in water Completely miscible

**Data sheet for each product is available at https://www.flewsolutions.com.au/shop/


Application Instructions

First, ensure mould surface is properly sealed, clean and free from contaminants.

Apply reasonable amount of release agent using a clean brush or lint-free cloth. Do not apply in excess.

Ensure you coat the whole surface of the mould, pay more attention to tight corners. Improper application may severely affect the quality and consistency of finished products.

Allow the PVA release agent to dry before you begin moulding/laminating (drying time depends on the type of release agent and the amount used). Cold, damp conditions can retard the drying rate.

Remove any traces of the PVA from the finished product by washing them with water.

Wash mould with water to remove any traces of PVA and clean thoroughly before re-use the mould.


Note: This product can also be used as powder binding agent, emulsifier, adhesive. Do not use for food processing applications.


Application procedure of PVA release agent and the formation of thin layer of PVA after drying


Special Protection Information

These products contain ethanol which is volatile, flammable and hazardous. This requires special precautions to be taken during the release agents are being used. Adequate ventilation must be provided. The prolonged or repeated exposure can cause irritation of the eyes, skin and throat. Use personnel protestive equipment as describe in the data sheet. Please refer to Safety Data Sheet provided with the product for full details including storage and handling procedures, toxicology information, disposal and transport information etc. You also can find the datasheet available at https://www.flewsolutions.com.au/shop/ .


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