Black Copper (CuO)

FLEW has developed a Black Copper (CuO) material with nano-structured surface through a chemical etching method for a various range of applications. We provide a tailorable surface nano-structure on single side or both sides of Cu material by changing the etching precursor and currently we have nanoflake (NF) and nanocluster (NC) available in both a 4 mm disc and a 100×100 mm sheet options.



Nanostructured CuO has shown many interesting properties and potential applications as solar cells, energy storage, thermoelectric, superconductor and sensor materials. Surface functionalised CuO can be used as anode material for Li batteries. The nanostructure of CuO results in a significant increase to the surface area of the electrode that facilitates electron/ion transport during charge-discharge process leading to a better performance of battery. Furthermore, CuO provides excellent support in catalysis reactions especially in lowering the activation energy of the hydrogenation and  esterification processes that benefits from the high surface area to minimise the reaction time and required energy.




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