Laser Welding

FLEW provides laser welding of steel, aluminium, titanium, plastic and exotic alloys.


Welding of difficult materials, thin sheets and complex geometries can be done at the FLEW welding bay in our workshop in Salisbury Brisbane.

For larger mining, construction or manufacturing jobs, FLEW’s HARR-E  Laser welding system is a fully portable, self contained laser welding and robotics system capable of independent operation at remote locations.

The HARR-E system is built around a Laserline 5kW direct with a 30m optical fiber for flexible delivery of welds in tough environments and restricted space.


Laser HARR-E welder being loaded for freight to client site
Close up view of laser performing a butt weld.

The system also has integrated milling capability for surface preparation and removal of damaged material. FLEW provides the system delivered to site with operator anywhere in Australia.

NDT (Non Destructive Testing) can be provided.

Contact [email protected] for further information.

FLEW also provides parameter and process development as well as short production runs for Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Aluminium laser welding, cutting and cladding products at our Salisbury site.

FLEW has multi-axis robotic delivery for SPI 250W Single Mode (30micron spot size) for thin (0.1-2mm) sheet and pipe applications requiring precise detail.