Manufacturing Aids and Tools

If we can’t find something that we needed to develop a product or manufacturing process, we built it ourselves.

Items useful for general manufacturing and R&D companies are offered for sale here.

Rotary Splitter (Riffling)

The Rotary-Splitting system developed by FLEW is a best-practice sampling tool for ceramic, metal, geological, or food powders.

For applications where quality control or understanding the composition and consistency of powders is critical.

Use of other types of splitting systems leads to significant sampling error,.

The FLEW Rotary Splitter divides 50kg batches of powder into 10 even divisions with less than 1% variation.

The key components exposed to wear are additively manufactured from plastic, or food grade stainless steel depending on powder hardness.

$4,000AUD + GST

Contact [email protected] for lead times and further specifications.


Mold Release Agent

Strict control of mold release agent composition is required for consistent surface finish.

FLEW offers 4 release agents with high and low viscosity and fast or normal drying times.

$15/L + GST
Contact [email protected] for further specifications.