Our Success Has a Very Specific Method

When we commit to the development of an innovative concept, we commit completely

However, before that commitment is offered, every new idea or R&D project must progress through our rigorous Stage Gate Process which covers five stages of internal research, review and approval.

Once approval is granted, we are in. Boots and all.

After acceptance, our goal at FLEW is to provide commercially viable solutions to seemingly ‘unsolvable’ problems, all whilst proving that what is possible is also practical and a commercially viable improvement. The ultimate litmus test being the successful commercial application of innovation. We are driven to continually build on our knowledge and skills foundations, to challenge current thinking and the status quo to ultimately find true innovation. Our results have broken new ground and often lead the world, and as Australians, we’re proud for the opportunity to showcase our homegrown innovation and talent.

Finally, we recognise and promote the importance of maintaining a balance between the theoretic pursuit of developing a new idea and the engineering reality of delivering a commercialised reality – on every project we undertake, be it for ourselves or indeed for our clients. To this extent, FLEW is committed to sustaining its operating structure of scientists, engineers and a commercially focused management.