Technology and Resources

Often our research and development leads us into the unknown, and this is where we excel.

Our success has been based upon a foundation firmly fixed on having the best minds available in the fields of design, physics, chemistry, all engineering disciplines, machining and of course commercialisation. Combined, these disciplines provide us with a formidable research and development matrix.


The right tools for the job.

From our dry lab which allows us to complete material testing, processing and preparation to our own 3D printing lab, our resource centre rivals the best in the country.

Within the FLEW material handling and processing lab we develop our own metal and alloy powders, chemical compounds and resins via our chemical synthesis equipment for 3D Printing. Combine this with our Design Practice and we can fast track our prototyping process in both material and modelling stages.

At the other end of the spectrum we have a fully resourced machine shop complete with CNC Machines and laser welding capability. Basically if you can imagine it we can make it. And that is what Imagineering comes down to, making innovation a reality.